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Thursday, 21 July 2016

All he had was three things: A dragon tattoo, a black spectacle, a silver trinklet.

All she had was two things: Moustache, Checkered shirt

The music was loud and the lights were dim. The dance floor was occupied and cramped for space. 

She was sitting on the bar stool, at the bar, sipping her drink while her eyes kept scanning for two things.

He entered the pub and stood silently at one of the corners, his eyes scanning for the required details. Having a rich experience, he quickly took a glance at the bar. He found the three things for what he was looking for. With a smile, he took to the dance floor.

Convinced, he walked towards the bar at the bar stool and placed a small gun at the back of her head.

Immediately, with a swift of her right hand, she injected the vial on his right thigh before he could pull the trigger.

Moustache- Checked, Checkered Shirt- Checked

But, what was not checked was their relationship as Husband and Wife, as the assassin in her took over her soul.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


She had left a couple of text messages and a seducing voice note for him a couple of hours earlier.

He had not replied to any of those, just like the past few times, adding to her rising suspicion of having an extra marital affair.

She paced around like a woman on a mission, possessed. 

After almost six hours since she had sent the messages, the door bell rang. The key-hole showed it is him. She gathered herself, opened the door, welcomed him and hugged him straightaway.

Ten minutes later, he laid dead, her entire being shivering from the shock.

Three reports in her hand read: Resignation Letter, Doctor’s report stating that he’s diagnosed with cancer and a Love Letter addressed to her.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The flight departed from Heathrow airport. Once everyone had settled in, reading, sleeping or watching movies, he quickly started working on the plan. They had to act first.

He gave a nod to his fellow partners to meet at the galley for a quick last minute briefing.

They dispersed off quickly, one towards business class, one towards the economy class and the remaining one towards the tail.

Two minutes later, right when the minute hand touched twelve, the three of them aimed at the target and pulled the trigger.

Breaking News showed the dead bodies of the terrorists killed mid air.

Two days later, the three women IAF officers were enjoying their drink at the success party of their mission.

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Monday, 18 July 2016

She occupied the front row seat, right in the center, from where things can be captured easily. Amidst exchange of cheek kissing, jealous smiles and attitude throwing celebs, she stood out as a famous fashion designer.

The lights faded off and all the focus was on the show. One by one, the models burned the floor with their stunning looks, showcasing the spring summer collection. It was time for the showstopper to showcase the design created by the front row occupant designer. The model came out with a thunderous round of applause and a couple of steps later, disaster occurred- Wardrobe Malfunction.

The designer was capturing her right from the start in her camera and left a conniving smile just when the disaster struck.

The PR machinery brought back the ‘once a star actress’ back into limelight.

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Both of them were dancing to the choreographer’s steps. Suddenly, her eyes widened which was not captured on the screen.

A thunderous roar followed the claps, as the director screamed ‘cut’.

Both continued looking into each other’s eyes as if something was brewing between them. The crew members, the director and each and everyone present of the set was in a bit of a puzzle as there was no news of the two ‘going on’ in the market.

Suddenly she pushed him a little away from her, lifted her right hand and swinged it as fast she could to land right between his legs.

He got a stinging message then and there, ‘Not to take undue advantage’.

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She lit her cigarette, took quick puffs and let herself fall on the sofa while streams of anger kept rolling down her eyes.

A pool of blood lay in the middle of the room.

A loud chortle reverberated in the room as she replayed the video footage of him trying to force upon a struggling actress.

Cutting off her chortle, she roared, ‘The bastard deserved it’, as she viewed the image of his boyfriend for one last time.


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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

About the author- Nivedita N, a Hyderabadi has taken the yatra called poerty in 2007. He journey along with walks with poetry books include conversations with her muses over cups of chai or sitting near the Hussain Sagar Lake and a rendezvous with thehistorical figures. She currently resides in Milwaukee where she meets her muses over Caramel Coffee during Spring and Fall and hiberantes during Midwestern winters.
On the jacket- This book is a collection of the poems that have been read in poetry groups. Blame the group members if you find these ramblings nonsensical. Written in her journal, the poems are sign posts along the journey called ‘everyday’. This is an attempt to recapture the thoughts over a period of the years she lived away from home yet moved closer to it.

Review: Poems are a way to express the inner most feelings and bring out those feelings and emotions like an aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. In the book 'Aerogramme and other Poems', the author Nivedita N, has brought out such feelings and emotions through some wonderful poems. The feeling after reading the poems stays for a time and this shows how the choice of words and writing has an affect on the reader. Poems such as 'We Never Knew' and 'The Refugee' made me nostalgic, remembering the old days whereas 'Two Cane Chairs' and 'Aerogramme' hit me hard. 

Overall: I would recommend Aerogramme and other Poems to each and every aspiring poet and also readers in general. This breezy poetry book will have a lingering effect once you have finished reading it.

Ratings: 4/5*